Technical characteristics of cargo

Technical characteristics of cargo:

  • Conditions of storage, loading and transportation;
  • Storage and transportation temperature;
  • Conditions of fastening and fixing in the cargo hold;
  • Properties (explosive, flammable, toxic, etc.).

For example, you send equipment with dimensions 1,2 × 0,8 × 0,65 m, the packaging of which is marked as “do not stack” that will take into account all the space above the loading place inside the vehicle. If this is the truck, the space on this equipment is: 1,2 × 0,8 × 2,5 m (TC) – 0.65 m (place) = 1.75 m3 extra.

If you want to transport the car from Almaty to Astana, then under the terms of fixing , other goods cannot be closer than two feet in front and behind the car. This requirement is based on the fact that the car is fixed with tie straps that have a degree of extensibility.