Check with your forwarder the compliance of the package

Your shipment has specific properties or characteristics, and you do not know how to package it. For example, you are transferring to transport windshield of the car, which you had bought on the car market, as usual, without the manufacturer’s packaging. To deliver this kind of shipment without damage, call the shipping company and get information about the possibility of packing of the consignment with the full responsibility for its safety. Usually a company that arranges transportation of shipments provides services for the packing of goods.
Finally, before signing the packing list or goods acceptance act, always check the correctness of the data:

  • The number of transferred loading places;
  • Description of the package;
  • Name of the shipment;
  • Shipper’s and consignee’s name;
  • Addresses and phone numbers of the shipper and consignee;
  • The date of cargo transfer;
  • Special properties of the cargo (the fragile, non stackable, etc.).

If you have any concerns or comments, write them in a separate column.