Проверьте груз, упакованный транспортной компанией

If the transport company was providing service of packing for transferred cargo, open the package, along with a representative of the carrier to check the integrity of the cargo. If the shipment is damaged, you should make a report of damage where the representative of the shipping company must sign.

Finally, the report of cargo damage is a document, based on which the claim is sent to the shipping company. Make sure that in the act is presented:

  • Date and place of execution;
  • The number of loading places delivered;
  • Description and nature of the damage to the outer packaging;
  • Description and nature of the content damage (when it can be done without a support of a specialist);
  • Shortage of contents (when the package shows signs of opening).

No need to specify the amount of damages in the act, as a representative of the carrier has the legal right to refuse to sign such a document. The amount of damage you can specify in a formal claim to the shipping company, attaching the act and other documents related to the incident.