Acceptance of delivered cargo

By the accepting delivered cargo, cargo owner or consignee shall be responsible for complying with the procedures of receipt. You should not hurry to sign forms of receipt, without checking the number of loading places and packing. It is said, “after a fight does not wave with your fists”. In such a situation, it will be difficult to prove something later on. Therefore, dear customer let us give you some advices.

Make sure that number of loading places that stays in packing list or confirmation act is correct.
Pay particular attention to those loading places that were consolidated in handling process of the shipment in the warehouse. For example, you are expecting to receive five laptops, and in order to ensure their safety, transport company packed them into one box. In this case, the forwarder shall indicate in the packing list or in confirmation of delivery act, that the five places were packed into one box. Ask the representative of the transport company, when you open the box, to count the number of laptops inside it.