Count the number of loading places

No need to arrange loading places, pulling them with rope, wrap or wire. For example, you send your computer and monitor in its original packaging, and if you want to pass them in one place, you better not pull them together with duct tape. Duct tape may tear and all will mess as the packing list or the act adopted one place, and the warehouse of the forwarder received two. The transport company will begin to figure out where the additional place came from, and your goods may remain in warehouse few days. Some types of people who are found everywhere, can take advantage of this situation. If the packing list contains a single place, the second place could be hidden, and then you do not get all your loading places. To prove something in such a situation will be very difficult, as by transferring cargo to the shipping company, the shipper has confirmed with his signature the number of loading places that have been recorded in the packing list or act.