International transportation of LTL loadings

сборный груз международные перевозкиThe term of LTL loadings means that small groups of different products that belong to different owners are transported in the same container. International carriage of this format allows the customer to save funds Станция hydro mpc e: grundfos hydro mpc . That means that the cargo owner pays for delivery of the goods, on the basis of volume and weight, which has his cargo.

Transportation of cargo in consolidated containers is the most appropriate and best choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Also, this method of delivery of goods can be used to test the implementation of the supply of product samples to assess the level of quality and to determine the economic feasibility of further work with the suppliers of the product.

международные перевозки сборных грузовOur general partner in the European Union is JSC Konekta Cargo (Vilnius), which is a part of Asia Logistics Group of Companies. Thanks to the coordinated work with our partner, Asia Logistics Ltd offers its clients the following services:

  • we arrange international transportation of LTL loadings effectively and on time;
  • we can pick up cargo to be transported anywhere in the world;
  • based on customers’ requirements, we organize transportation of goods by all modes of transport;
  • we make control over the movement of freight;
  • we carry out the customs clearance of goods;
  • If desired, we can ship the goods in Kazakhstan and in any other city with “door –to- door” delivery service.

Consideration of all requirements of the client and attention to the customer allows us to carry out transportation of goods in line with the expectations of our clients. The speed and reliability of delivery of the goods means that we appreciate and respect the partnership with our customers.