International forwarding of oversized cargo

международные перевозки негабаритных грузовInternational transportation of oversized goods is the transportation of objects, which, because of their specific parameters (custom size, heavy weight, etc.) may not be transported by standard trucks парапран повязка хлоргексидин 10х100 цена. . For such kind of transportation only special vehicles are used, adapted for oversized cargo..

In fact, any cargo that weigh more than 30 tons, could be hold oversized:

  • heavy machinery;
  • large equipment;
  • construction equipment and machinery (cranes, derrick diggers, etc.).

In accordance with Russian regulations oversized cargo has the following characteristics:

  • width of 2.55 meters;
  • length of 20 meters;
  • height of 4 meters.

The majority of Russian companies that offer oversized cargo transportation service commonly use semi-trailers of various types. The distinctive feature of such semi- trailers is high load capacity and a specially adapted platform in order to deliver the goods in Almaty or any other city.

перевозка негабаритных грузовAsia Logistics Group of Companies has all necessary types of vehicles, devices, as well as experienced professionals in the field of logistics.

The task of transporting oversized goods primarily complicates custom sizes of cargo. Therefore, in each case, the development of transportation options requires an individual approach – each consignment has features that are important to consider for a successful transportation. That because development and implementation of an oversized cargo transportation shall be arranged by experts with extensive experience and a good reputation. Offering international transportation of oversized cargo, our company ensures the safety of the transported object, and strict adherence to the agreed terms, our experts have long been working with Kazakhstan route.