Transportation by air from Europe

авиаперевозки из ЕвропыTransportation by air from Europe is the most reliable and the fastest way to deliver the goods. Our company arranges transportation of cargo from Europe to Moscow and other cities of Russia and Kazakhstan ринопластика пластика носа. . In comparison with road and rail transportation modes, airfreight has obvious advantages.

First of all, airlines have not such strict limitations in both weight and volume of good as road transport.

Choosing the plane as a vehicle for the transportation of cargo, you ensure the complete safety of the goods throughout its route, starting from the loading/unloading process at the airport of departure and finishing with delivery to consignee. In addition, unauthorized access to the protected area of airport terminals is denied. Typically, direct flights for transportation by air are used, so the risk of theft of cargo is minimized.

авиаперевозки грузов из ЕвропыIf you are interested in urgent freight delivery from Europe, then in such cases the freight forwarding company will choose the next first available flight to deliver the goods as soon as possible.

Despite the obvious advantages of cargo transportation by air, this type of service has a drawback – the high cost. Therefore, most companies order this type of transportation mode not very often. However, there are situations when delivery by air is the only possible method of transportation. For example, you need to forward goods from Moscow to Berlin.

We will provide our customers not only with transportation service but will take care of all logistics work and custom documentation.