Transportation by air

Transportation by air is the fastest way to transport cargo between airports of almost all major cities in the world. The company Asia Logistics Ltd has experience with following types of services. The best terms, conditions, routes, reliability, reasonable pricing – all of these criteria are taken into account for each “special case”. Transportation by air includes:

  • Collection of goods from shipper’s warehouse;
  • Preparation of shipments for transportation by air, delivery to airports of departure in Moscow and Almaty;
  • Delivery to warehouses of airlines and execution of air waybill;
  • Receiving of goods at the airports of Almaty or Moscow;
  • Delivery of shipments to consignees with our own transport within the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To order the transportation of goods by air, you just need to call us by phone: +7 (499) 657-98-90 or fill in a simple online request form «Place a Request».   Rates for transportation of shipments (up to 1 kg, the prices are quoted in rubles) by air from Moscow to Almaty, “door-to-door” delivery service.

Min up to 5 kg

Up to 10 kg

Up to 15 kg

Up to 27 kg

Up to 50 kg

Up to 100 kg

Up to 300 kg

Up to 500 kg

Up to 1000 kg

More than 1000 kg











When the weight of the shipment is calculated, its chargeable weight is taken into account according to the formula: (L x W x H) cm/5000. Transit time – 3 working days. Download rates for transportation by air.